It's the second week of March, 2018. Daylight savings time began yesterday, which means spring is nigh and most would say it is way too late for a 2017-in-review photo dump. But I am not most. Doing the most, but never like most. Haha wut...

I so often feel like the end of winter is a time to look forward. To what will emerge from damp soils, what will transpire in the coming months. Itching to wear a short sleeved shirt, ready to retire my scarf. It's when I'm the most restless. Equal parts tired of my todays and hopeful for my tomorrows.  And even though 2018 is here and has been here, haha, I can't shake the sticky nostalgia of last year. Looking through photos, exercising gratitude, remembering to remember. It is so easy for me to live in the here/now, limiting my vantage and view to the micro scale. Zooming out, considering the macro scale, being patient with myself...that's what this exercise in remembrance is about. It's to silence the antsy need and consideration of only immediate growth; instead it acknowledges and celebrates the process, the invisible and intangible anchoring and rooting that takes its time. It is the fine line of indulging in what has passed and celebrating what has actualized. So happy new year and happy old year. <-- Hahaha it is literally March 12, 2018. Okay i'm gonna shut up and just start with the photos. <3


In April, Sarah and I took a trip to Japan to see the cherry blossoms. It was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life. I imagined the cherry trees like a herd of brontosaurus, moving slowly as we all scattered in and around their trunks. Giddy and gleeful.


When we breakdown a wedding, one of my favorite scenes is the emptied table. napkins askew, chewed food, half-full goblets of wine. I always imagine a group of vikings have just enjoyed themselves, nothing but sauce stains and flowers remain.


woke up early to make the bridal bouquet; hash browns and breakfast sausages at the ready.

I got to travel to South Korea for the first time to teach a floral workshop. Seoul is absolutely amazing. And I miss my time with Yoo Soon and these women so badly. There was such an earnest hunger in these students. After my week with them, I found it much easier to find the wonder of flowers again.


a two-toned sample meeting