A B O U T   L A M B E R T

LAMBERT FLORAL STUDIO exists for the sake of beauty. We believe beauty is both inherent and inevitable; we are committed to its expression. 

LAMBERT’s design style blends the elegant and refined with the unexpected and edgy. We mirror what we see in nature with arrangements that breathe and flow, honor the changing seasons, and carry the richly romantic spirit of the natural world. We create with nuance, intent, and finesse. Pairing heirloom hues and textures with a lens of raw modernity has become our favorite game. 

LAMBERT calls San Francisco, CA home, but gladly travels. Lambert has been recognized by publications such as Design*Sponge, Sunset, and Martha Stewart.

A B O U T   S A M M Y

Sammy Go is the Founder and Artistic Director of Lambert Floral Studio. He has an unwavering appreciation for all things beautiful - whether it's the petals of a ranunculus, a three-part harmony, or contemporary dance. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Sammy loves driving with the windows down, eats mainly  bread products for all meals, and plays zero instruments. Sammy is a third generation Chinese-American, living in his native San Francisco with his wife and little puppy.

A B O U T   C L A I R E

Claire Lee is the Business Development Manager of Lambert Floral Studio. She and Sammy met during their time at UC Berkeley, connecting over the thrills and challenges of being the leaders of their respective dance teams. After graduating with a degree in business, Claire has forged her own opportunities to marry her creative calling and business brilliance. Claire always arrives ten minutes early, spreadsheets like a g, and will one day write a comprehensive encyclopedia on every #girlboss there ever was. 

Lambert Floral Studio is so-named for Samuel Lambert Go's grandfather, Lambert Jang.